How to protect the newborn from COVID-19

How to protect the newborn from COVID-19 How to protect the newborn from COVID-19 How to protect the newborn from COVID-19

How do newborn babies have any chance of COVID-19 infection?

Newborn babies are much more likely to be infected with the COVID-19 virus from an after-birth contact with those around them who were already infected, such as father, mother, nanny, or relatives, whether they have symptoms or not. The disease is transmitted through droplets from the respiratory tract of the infected. Even those who are sick have no symptoms whatsoever.


When babies are infected with COVID-19, what symptoms will they have?

            Your baby will have a fever, runny nose, rapid breathing and fatigue, lethargy, cough, vomiting, diarrhea, and can eat less. However, the chances of a baby getting infected with the COVID-19 virus after birth are normally very low.            

            Once infected, most newborn babies are asymptomatic or have few symptoms, but those with congenital disease or those born prematurely, less than 37 weeks, may have a greater chance of developing serious symptoms.

How do you protect your little ones from the COVID-19?

1. Breastfeed your baby as long as possible;

2. Limit the number of caregivers who must stay close to the baby;

3. Avoid too many visits or directly touching your baby by using a video call instead;

4. Close caregivers who have to work outside the home should clean themselves before touching the baby; and

5. Family members should wash their hands regularly and wear a face mask when in close contact with the baby.

            Primary care for infected babies includes providing symptomatic cures, such as giving them antipyretics or saline drops if they have a stuffy nose and difficulty breathing.

            Parents must regularly observe any abnormal symptoms, such as breathlessness, fatigue, difficulty breathing, or lethargy. In case of emergy, contact the Social Assistance Center hotline by dialing 1300.

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A heartfelt thank to Piyarat Ann Lertbannaphong, M.D., a specialist pediatrician.


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