Babies’ development and how to choose diapers for them

Babies’ development and how to choose diapers for them Babies’ development and how to choose diapers for them Babies’ development and how to choose diapers for them

Are you aware that diapers are as important as development of your baby?

The newborn period is the time when muscle development is the most palpable as it is a major development of children in this period.

When children are newly born, they can only move arms and legs, but, when they are 3-6 months old, they start turning their body over. When they are 6-8 months old, babies will try to stand by themselves. After 9 months, they will learn to walk.

A major concern, because it can help or obstruct babies’ development, besides parental encouragement, is diapers. If diapers do not fit properly with babies’ legs or do not absorb well, babies will feel so uncomfortable due to leakage that they do not want to turn their body over. In case diapers do not fit properly with babies’ legs, they tend to slip easily from the babies, preventing the little ones from moving their body or standing. As a result, diapers for babies of the age should be easy to change and wear (especially even before they crawl away). Even better it is if diapers fit properly and absorb effectively so that they will not act as if a dumbbell hanging between babies’ legs and obstructing their development to crawl, stand and eventually walk. Diapers which are heavy and damp will make babies uncomfortable and upset and prevent them from learning. Therefore, let’s take a look at how we select diapers to suit well with babies’ development according to their age.

1. For newly born babies and babies of 1-3 months old, since they do not move their body much, diapers with adhesive tapes can be used. Such diapers are advantageous as they can be changed when babies lie down. Parents can choose diapers with adhesive tapes that:

- can absorb liquid for as long as 10 hours to allow babies sleep sufficiently. (Only in the first month, parents should wake babies up for breastfeeding every 3 hours. After the period, they can let babies sleep and get up as they want.)

- have an easily adjustable belt according to babies’ body shape.

- have breathable air flow cover to reduce dampness for dry lower part of babies.

- Already passed hypoallergenic testing, which is essential because it assures that the diapers are gentle to babies’ skin.

2. For babies of 4 months and older, they begin turning over their body and crawling. Movement is rather visible, so pant diapers are ideal to promote body movement of babies. Such diapers have to:

- be gentle for babies skin when they move their body

- absorb liquid for as long as 10 hours even when babies move their body

- have flexible and adjustable belts for body movement comfort

- have special leg edges to prevent leakage of any liquid from the lower part of babies’ body

- have good ventilation to reduce dampness and promote dryness

- pass hypoallergenic testing to assure skin gentleness

         If you want your little one to develop well, besides knowing how to promote development according to babies’ age, choosing good diapers suitable for babies’ development is a must so that babies feel comfortable, have good emotion and are ready to learn.


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