Is there anything wrong? If babies’ stool is green.

Is there anything wrong? If babies’ stool is green. Is there anything wrong? If babies’ stool is green. Is there anything wrong? If babies’ stool is green.

The color of your baby's stool may vary in colors, especially in the first 1-2 days of birth. Parents might probably notice that its color looks black and green, known in Thai as Khi Thao (gray stool). This happens normally to babies within 24-48 hours. However, after babies are breastfed, their stool will become golden yellow. The color of babies’ stool is more important than you have thought before.

            Sometimes the color of your baby's stool may turn green because green is the color of bile, which is a digestive juice in humans’ body. The green bile will turn yellow before being excreted. Nonetheless, sometimes if the bowel is contracted quickly, the bile will be allowed to pass down faster before it becomes yellow.

            Causes of green stool in children is caused by both normal physical conditions or conditions caused by certain diseases.

            Normal conditions in which green stools may be found are:

  1. Too much foremilk Foremilk contains a higher proportion of sugar than fat content compared to hindmilk, thus making the bowel peristalsis faster. Green bile then passes down quickly before turning yellow. Therefore, mothers will see the baby's stool turn green and sometimes with bubbles as well. This condition is not serious at all. Mothers can help their babies by letting them suckle each breast completely in order to reach the hindmilk.
  2. Food taken by mothers Because of the food that mothers eat may affect the color of babies’ stools. If mothers who are breastfeeding eat green leafy vegetables in large quantities, their newborns may also have green stools.
  3. Taking of iron vitamin Iron vitamin can be found in some medicines or milk. It can make babies’ stool become green.

Green stools caused by certain physical disorders or diseases:

  1. Infectious bowel disease The baby will have diarrhea. The stool can change from solid to more liquid. Babies will have fever and might vomit. They might suffer physical discomfort like stomach aches, drink less milk and their stool might contain some blood.
  2. Food poisoning Babies might have green stool if they have food poisoning, but there are some more symptoms like bloody stools, flatulence, stomachache, rash, or abnormal growth.

That babies have green stool might not always be the sign of physical abnormality. Observing other symptoms is crucial. In case parents are uncertain, they can ask a doctor to diagnose their little ones and give them advice properly.

A heartfelt thank for information from Piyarat Ann Lertbannaphong, M.D.

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