How to take care of your children’s oral health since they were born.

How to take care of your children’s oral health since they were born. How to take care of your children’s oral health since they were born. How to take care of your children’s oral health since they were born.

In terms of healthcare provided to your little baby ones, besides general care for health which enables strong and complete physical growth, oral health is also important because it is fundamental to good teeth in the future. Parents can take care of children’s oral health since they were born even before children have the first tooth. Followings are the step-by-step processes of oral healthcare according to children’s ages :

How to take care of children’s oral health

  • For the newbornDuring babies does not have any teeth yet , mothers can clean their oral cavity by using a small piece of soft cloth dipped with clean water or warm boiled water to gently rub babies’ gum, cheek and tongue at least twice a day: in the morning and before bedtime. This will help clean any milk left in babies’ mouth. Doing so will allow babies to familiarize with oral cleaning, thus a good start to toothbrushing in the future.
  • Once children reach 6 months onwards,they will have milk teeth growing. Mothers can use a small piece of cloth wrapped a finger to clean children’s teeth as children are very small and do not know how to use a toothbrush to clean their teeth by themselves.
  • When children are between 1 and 3 years old, their teeth will become bigger and they can use a toothbrush by themselves. Parents should teach toothbrushing to their children and tell them to gargle before brushing. The toothbrush for children should have specially soft bristles while toothpaste should have good flavors to create positive attitudes among the little ones about toothbrushing.
  • When children are between 3 and 4 years old,they will be able to brush their teeth. Nevertheless, parents should check whether their children clean their teeth thoroughly. Otherwise, parents can re-brush their children’s teeth.
  • For children of 6 years old and older,they are able to brush their teeth well. At the period, their milk teeth will fall and permanent ones will be growing.

How to promote good habits for good oral health

  • When children’s teeth are growing, parents should brush them at least in the morning and before bedtime or after every meal.
  • Children should be encouraged to drink water after drinking milk to prevent any oral germs. In case children are breastfed during the first 6 months after they were born, this step is unnecessary as milk from mother’s breast has anti-germs substances.
  • Do not use too much toothpaste but use it in very small amount. The toothpaste should not contain any fluoride because children may obtain too much fluoride by swallowing it, resulting in tainted and freckled teeth.
  • Avoid sweetened milk or any sticky and thick food supplements to prevent tooth decay.
  • Since babies can fall asleep easily after drinking milk or while drinking it, to avoid children addicting to milk bottles which is the main reason of tooth decay, parents should not let babies sleep while drinking milk but allowing them to sleep by themselves without any help of milk bottles.
  • Children should be encouraged to have vegetable, fruit and meat and avoid candies and soft drinks for good oral health.
  • Children should drink water particularly after drinking milk, fruit juice or after meals. They should drink water directly from a glass or a straw instead of milk bottles.
  • Parents should observe their children’s teeth if they become black or turbid by looking at children’s teeth on the lip side. If there is any stain, they should wipe or brush it out. If teeth are turbid or become black or have a cavity, parents should take children to the dentist.
  • Children should visit the dentist since they have the first tooth to ask for advice on how to properly take care of their teeth and familiarize themselves with dental care. They should see the dentist every 6 months to learn the development of their teeth and gum. Under the appropriate age, dentists may coat children’s teeth with fluoride to prevent tooth decay.

          Taking care of gum and teeth is regarded as crucial for happy daily life. Parents are therefore suggested to teach their children to take care of oral health in the first place because this will result in children’s good and healthy teeth in the future.

Thank you for information provided by Dr. Piyarat Lertbannaphong (Ann), a specialized pediatrician.


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