Know before buying! How to choose good diapers for babies

Know before buying! How to choose good diapers for babies Know before buying! How to choose good diapers for babies Know before buying! How to choose good diapers for babies

                  Babies at the first 0-1 year of age will have the most rapid development, both in terms of muscle development including learning and memory. Therefore, what parents should pay close attention to is taking care of the environment where their baby stays to suit his/her learning to prevent him/her from stumbling and enable him/her to learn to the fullest.

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                  As muscles of babies of this age enjoy the most complete development since childbirth, they will start raising the neck, turning over, sitting, standing, and beginning to walk. One thing that parents should be concerned with choosing a good quality diaper for their little one.

How to choose diapers for your baby

1. Good diapers must have good absorption, and dry quickly because they are not sticky, enabling children to feel comfortable and able to move their bodies fully. Furthermore, poorly absorbent diapers may leak or create thick bulges around babies’ buttocks, making it difficult for the child to move, especially when they turn over, learn to crawl or start walking. Such problems hinder the development of the child;

2. Parents have to choose diapers that are soft and comfortable and do not irritate babies’ skin. The diapers must pass a hypoallergenic test as babies' skin is delicate, sensitive, and prone to rashes. If you choose a diaper with a bad texture, it might irritate the skin around the baby's bottom, causing skin inflammation and rashes to sensitive skin;

3. Baby diapers should be easy to wear and do not interrupt the time for babies to learn. Baby diapers come in various types: both taped and pant ones. It is suggested that, after the birth when babies spend most of the time sleeping, parents should choose a taped diaper since it is a lot easy and much more convenient to use. Most importantly, the tape must be soft and must not hurt the baby's skin. When children begin to move faster or crawl, parents should switch to disposable pant diapers as they are easy to wear. However, parents must not choose a diaper that has a tight, flexible, non-stretching edge or one that causes irritation to children's legs.

                  Because baby development, especially during infancy, is the most important and fundamental period for the next age, parents should pay attention, particularly in terms of choosing good things for their children so that they can fully learn with uninterrupted maturity development.

A big thank to Pornnipha Am Sriprasert, a pediatrician specializing in brain, development and learning psychology.


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