Introducing super food to strengthen children’s immunity

Introducing super food to strengthen children’s immunity Introducing super food to strengthen children’s immunity Introducing super food to strengthen children’s immunity

           In the present COVID-19 pandemic, many parents might be worried about how strong their children’s immunity against the virus, especially the immunity of infants and little children who can not get vaccinated right now. How can we help strengthen the immune system of our little ones? Let’s see tips to boost children’s immunity right now.

           There are many ways to boost the immune system of little children. To name but a few are:

1. Breastfeeding as long as possible because mother's milk consists of immunity that can be passed on from the mother to the baby directly. It's the easiest way to strengthen your baby’s health;

2. Ask your child to wash their hands often, especially when touching unclean objects, and wash hands before eating every time to prevent germs from entering the body and causing illness.

3. Get vaccinated according to the suggestions made by your doctor. Vaccination should not be postponed for too long so that your baby is properly immune;

4. Allow children to have enough sleep, at least for 8-10 hours, and choose diapers that help your baby to sleep all night without interruption. The diapers should be made of soft and comfortable materials to wear, and they must absorb liquid for up to 10 hours**

** Absorption time depends on the amount of urine from each baby.

5. Children should have nutritious food which helps strengthen the body's immune system. The food should consist of vitamins, such as A, C, D, and E, iron, and proteins, all of which can be found in vegetables, fruit, meat, or nuts.

            In this article, I would like to present some savory menus for little children. All of them are so nutritious that your little ones are strong and healthy.

1. Broccoli Soup, which contains vitamins B6 and E, as well as antioxidants.

2. Mashed avocado with eggs, which is high in vitamins A, B, and E.

3. Berry smoothies which are high in vitamin C to prevent colds in babies.

4. Yogurt with whole grains such as almonds or nuts.

5. Chicken soup is an excellent source of protein and also contains iron and vitamin B6.

6. Steamed fish is a good source of protein that helps strengthen the immune system of the baby and is also high in omega 3.

7. Ground beef is a rich source of iron which helps strengthen the immune system.

These high-vitamin foods also contain fiber that helps the baby to excrete easily, as well. Given the knowledge, mothers should prepare for their children delicious food for good health as it is rich in vitamins that promote immunity for little children. Nevertheless, some foods can cause allergic reactions in babies, which vary in degrees of severity, so mothers should be careful and observe the symptoms of their children when eating food, as well.

This information was provided by Piyarat Ann Lertbannaphong, a specialist pediatrician.


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