Ultimate tips that nobody ever tells you on choosing dry and comfy diapers for your baby

Ultimate tips that nobody ever tells you on choosing dry and comfy diapers for your baby Ultimate tips that nobody ever tells you on choosing dry and comfy diapers for your baby Ultimate tips that nobody ever tells you on choosing dry and comfy diapers for your baby

At present, disposable diapers are undeniably indispensable for infants and little children since they have been developed to become effectively absorbent, enabling parents to take care of their little ones with ease. Consequently, parents will not have to worry getting up late at night to change any diapers. Babies are allowed to sleep continuously, and will not be interrupted while playing for diaper changes, as well.

There are many tips for choosing good diapers for little children as doing so enables parents to save time using them for their babies. Well-absorbent disposable diapers with good ventilation make children feel happy as their lower part is dry for all day long. The important tips are as follows:

1.          Good diapers should have sizes proper for individual children. Parents should choose a diaper that fits well with babies based on the weight of the body rather than the age of children. Parents should consider diapers providing right sizes for children’s body. They must be neither tight at the waistline or the edge of the leg, nor too loose to cause leakage of urine or feces;

2.          Good diapers should absorb well. This is a crucial factor for any disposable diapers because they keep babies’ skin dry and comfortable while wearing them. Absorbing a large amount at a time will help wearing a diaper for a longer period of time, enabling parents not to worry about changing diapers too often;

3.          Good diapers should ventilate well. As Thailand is hot almost all year round, wearing a diaper for a long time might cause rashes among infants. As a result, parents should choose diapers which ventilate well and help dry babies’ skin so that rashes do not occur. Doing so will make babies feel good;

4.          Good diapers should not irritate babies’ skin. They must have passed a hypo-allergenic test because children have to wear diapers regularly. BabyLove diapers, for instance, has passed the test, so parents do not have to worry as the product is gentle and does not irritate babies’ skin;

5.          Good diapers should be convenient for travel use or when children are sleeping. Parents should be comfortable to use them when taking a trip or when changing for a new one while their little ones are sleeping; and

6.          Good diapers should have good quality and should be reasonably priced. Choosing cheap but good quality diapers will save money for parents while providing something special to their babies.

Moreover, there are some exclusive tips to take care of babies’ skin when wearing diapers:

1.          Clean your baby's skin thoroughly before wearing a diaper every time;

2.          Apply anti-diaper-rash cream every time before wearing a disposable diaper;

3.          Change a new diaper at any time after babies defecate; and

4.          Diapers should be changed every 3 or 4 hours for the sake of hygiene.

The above-mentioned tips are not difficult at all since choosing good diapers helps parents to be happy and babies comfortable with healthy skin.

The information was provided by Piyarat Ann Lertbannaphong, M.D., a specialist pediatrician.


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