When should you start using disposable diapers?

When should you start using disposable diapers? When should you start using disposable diapers? When should you start using disposable diapers?
          There is no formula to when it is suitable to start using disposable diapers since the conditions and way of life of each family are different. That being said, we have information gathered from the experience of many families for you to consider before you make your decision.
  • From birth

          Since newborns defecate very often compared to other ages, using diapers from birth can be convenient and time efficient. Parents can be more flexible and have more time to rest or work on other things. The newborns also tend to be more comfortable, in a good mood, sleep well and for longer periods, as well as not wake up in the middle of the night. A caution that must be taken is to not leave the diaper on for too long after the baby has defecated. Parents should always check the diaper.

         Suitable for single parents with no babysitter or helper, as well as families that travel often, and where the baby is often in an air conditioned environment. It is also suitable for parents who work primarily from home, for example, if the mother manages an online store and works at home with the baby. In these cases, diapers can be a great help.

  • After the umbillcal cord has fallen off

          Many families decide to start using diapers after the umbilical cord has fallen off for fear that the diaper will cause irritation to the baby's navel, causing the area to become inflamed, and resulting in infection. However, now there are new developments to the design of diapers targeted at newborns, which includes a curved waistline to prevent dampness in the navel area, making it easier for parents to take care of the newborn’s sensitive skin. Therefore, there is no need to wait for the umbilical cord to fall off before using disposable diapers at all.

  • Using at night only

          Many parents use cloth diapers during the day and choose to use disposable diapers during the night with the reasoning that during the day, there are people help care for the baby or that during the day, the baby is in a room with a rather hot, humid climate with no air-conditioning. Another reason is to save money. Some also have enough time to wash and dry the cloth diaper. However, for the night time, everyone agrees that the disposable diaper is needed in order to ensure a long period of sleep, which is important for both the baby and the parents. Sleep is very important!

          However, most of a baby’s daily life is spent sleeping in order to promote growth. Therefore, napping during the day is as important as a full night’s sleep. Therefore, some families use disposable diapers any time when the baby is sleeping, both during the day and at night.

          In addition, some families may have grandparents to help with the baby when they go off to work. The use of disposable  diapers is a great help to lighten the burden on the grandparents. In addition to reducing the burden of washing and drying cloth diapers, It also helps to reduce the rate of accidents in the case where babies urinate or defecate on the floor, causing the elderly to slip. Also, even though grandparents are not used to using disposable diapers because they have never tried it before, as soon as they use one, they will be hooked since disposable  diapers are easy to use, convenient, and the baby can be changed within minutes.

Source: www.webmd.com

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