Wear diapers comfortably in summer

Wear diapers comfortably in summer Wear diapers comfortably in summer Wear diapers comfortably in summer

         In tropical countries such as Thailand, using diapers that are made from cloth or disposable diapers warrant the concern for dampness. If the baby’s skin is left damp inside the diaper for too long, it may cause irritation and diaper rash, as well as inflammation.

          Simple Tips to help solve the dilemma caused by this hot weather is finding the opportunity for the little ones to not wear diapers so that their bottoms can breathe, especially during the daytime when the weather is usually extremely hot. The following considerations apply.

  1. After cleaning the baby’s bottom of any excretions, or after bathing, the baby should be left to lie around for a while before putting on a diaper. This can be done with the baby completely naked or covered with a small piece of cloth. The baby will urinate again in about 30-45 minutes, so this pocket of time, the baby can have a little rest from the diapers.
  2. During hot weather, do not apply powder or lotion to the baby unnecessarily since it will clog pores. It also makes the skin unable to cool down and may accumulate and become a source of bacteria and germs.
  3. Choose the right environment, such as if you are in an air-conditioned room where the weather is quite dry, the baby should not be left exposed for too long because the baby may be cold and become sick. If the weather is comfortable, not too cold, not too hot, the baby can be left exposed for a while. Make sure that are no insects or small animals around the area that can come into contact with the baby.

          However, the weather in Thailand is quite unstable. If the parents want to let the baby’s bottom be exposed to the air, they should be careful about the weather. Switching from hot to cold temperatures may cause the baby to be uncomfortable or sick. In addition, if the baby were to excrete during the time when they are completely exposed, they will become dirty all over again. However, there is no need to worry too much because disposable diapers are now very breathable and do not feel damp easily. Therefore, there is no need to leave the baby exposed for too long in order to maintain their health and hygiene.

Source : www.tribalbaby.org

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