Clean Recipes for Postpartum Moms

Clean Recipes for Postpartum Moms Clean Recipes for Postpartum Moms Clean Recipes for Postpartum Moms

         After 9 months of pregnancy, after giving birth, the mother will experience problems regarding increased weight. Whether it is weight gain from the pregnancy or excess eating, every new mother wishes to regain their pre-pregnancy body and look healthy. Other than slimming down with exercise,  diet is also an important part of weight control. However, for postpartum mothers,  it is important to take into account the nutritional benefits as well. Therefore,  "Clean food" is considered a healthy and interesting alternative.

What is clean food?

"Clean Food" is food that emphasizes health benefits that nutritionists agree are good for the health according to nutritional principles. Clean food uses less seasoning and resembles nature, is nutritious and hygienic

Clean eating is not limiting the amount of food intake, but choosing to eat healthy food that is fresh, clean, and unprocessed, without the use of chemical additives or fermentation. This includes ready-made meals, which contains preservatives. It also includes fast food, which has high amounts of sodium and fat. Mostly, clean food will not have spicy taste, but it is not completely tasteless and bland. Mothers can still enjoy eating. 

Even though controlling weight is a main issue, postpartum mothers still have an important duty: breast feeding. Constantly eating the same clean menus may not give the mother enough nutrients to produce breastmilk.  The body needs to extract the nutrients that are missing from consumption through the body’s stored nutrients in order to produce nutritious breastmilk. If the mother is constantly malnourished, this stored nutrient reserve will be depleted and the quality of the breastmilk will drop, which affects the baby negatively. Therefore, the mother's clean diet after giving birth should have all the nutrients necessary to produce high quality breastmilk. Therefore, this topic requires a lot of attention because it affects both the mother and baby.

           We present these clean recipes for postpartum mothers

  1. Stir-fry chicken with ginger: This easy and clean recipe can be cooked at home without using too many ingredients. The main ingredients are chicken and ginger. You can choose to add any type of vegetables you like. Ginger promotes blood flow and breastmilk flow. The ginger's beneficial properties can be passed on to the baby through breast milk and will reduce any inflammation in the digestive system. 
  2. Kang Liang: This is a recipe that needs to be cooked and eaten fresh in order to fully receive the benefits of the ingredients. The ingredients in this soup helps promote heat in the body. The pepper is spicy and promotes blood circulation. It also helps to dissolve fat that can clog the breast. Banana blossoms can be added to the recipe to increase milk production. Kang Liang is a menu that can be combined with your favorite vegetables without ruining the taste of the soup. It is a great choice for postpartum since it is clean and nourishes the body.  
  3. Steamed Pumpkin: This menu is popular among advocates of clean eating and is considered a basic staple, perfect for postpartum mothers. Pumpkins help the digestive system and warms up the stomach. It also promotes collagen production in the skin, which help reduce stretch marks. It is very low in calorie and fat, which makes the menu perfect for those trying to lose weight. It is high in fiber and promotes good digestion. It also promotes breastmilk production. However, do not consume an excessive amount of pumpkin since it may cause mouth ulcers.
  4. Kang Som with Horseradish: This is another staple menu for clean eating because the Kang Som has almost no fat content, making it perfect for aiding weight loss. The spicy taste helps promote breastmilk flow. The horseradish has 7 times more vitamin c than oranges and has 4 times more vitamin A than carrots. It also has 3 times more potassium than bananas and twice as much protein as milk. It is very highly nutritious and perfect for breastfeeding mothers. The nutritional properties can be easily passed on to the baby through breastmilk. The leaves and flowers of the horseradish plant also helps promote breastmilk production.

The recommended dishes for postpartum mothers are focused on accelerating the heat in the body to promote the milk flow the production of milk to meet the needs of the newborn baby. However, we recommend mothers who are breastfeeding try to eat a variety of foods. Eating even the most nutritious food repeatedly can cause an imbalance in the body and affect the quality of breastmilk and possible allergies of the baby. Try to observe the symptoms of the baby often. If there are any allergic reactions, seek treatment early for the good health of the child in the long run. When beginning to eat clean, mothers may not be accustomed to the taste. However, for health and for getting back in shape, it is worth trying to adjust your eating habits and taste. The longer you pursue clean eating, the more accustomed you will become to the taste of raw and natural ingredients. Before long, they will become delicious as well.

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