No secret tips to promote development of 0-to-6-year-old babies

No secret tips to promote development of 0-to-6-year-old babies No secret tips to promote development of 0-to-6-year-old babies No secret tips to promote development of 0-to-6-year-old babies

                  From the moment a mother gives birth to a baby into this big world, every day that goes by, the baby starts to change in an amazing way. Babies’ brain continues to develop from birth, when most of them often sleep and drink milk. Soon, babies will begin to raise their head, turn around, begin to smile and laugh. Choosing disposable diapers according to babies’ ages is also equally important to their physical development.


                  Here are some tips that parents can use to promote physical development among little children:


Newborn - 1 month During this period, babies usually sleep, but might open their eyes occasionally. They might wake up from time to time to drink milk – at least every 3 hours in day and night times. Babies can see at close distances, but unable to stare for long. Sometimes, they might smile but smiling is meaningless and babies principally communicate needs with parents through crying.

Promoting the development of babies from birth to 1 month

  • Parents should respond appropriately when babies cry to build their basic trust.
  • Parents should feed babies sufficient amount of milk and let them sleep properly.
  • Parents should practice babies’ vision by letting babies stare at them closely. 
  • Parents should talk softly with babies to stimulate babies’ hearing and familiarity.

1-to-3-month-old babies During this time, your baby will begin to wake up and sleep more regularly. They might sleep longer at night than during daytime. Babies will begin to develop better vision as they can see farther and more clearly, so they begin to stare and smile at their parents. Babies can start to control the muscles in the neck by themselves. They might start to control their little hands to move by placing them in their mouth and holding them still. Some might whistle as if talking and start to smile meaningfully (Social smile).

Promoting the development of babies aged 1 - 3 months

  • Strengthening big muscles. During the day when babies start to wake up to play more, parents may be able to help them practice strangulation by doing tummy time. It means putting babies up on their stomach for a short time so that they can try to raise their head by themselves. Otherwise, parents might carry babies and walk a bit so that babies can look at things around them.
  • Promoting vision. Parents should hang mobiles or pictures with contrasting colors, such as black, red, yellow, or use colorful toys that move left and right for babies to look at them or try to grab to train small muscles and practice relationship of the hands and eyes (Hand-Eye Coordination).
  • Parents should improve babies’ social development by talking, looking at and smiling at them often.

Children aged 3 - 6 months  This is the time when babies start developing stronger and bigger muscles. They can turn upside down and can progress forward by themselves or sit with support. As for the small muscles, babies will begin to grasp things with both little hands and can switch hands. They might start interacting with the people around them, smiling, babbling, laughing down the throat, making more voices, using gestures, and communicating when they require help.

Promoting the development of babies aged 3 - 6 months

  • Parents should let babies practice turning over on a flat surface which is not too soft or too hard.
  • Parents should let babies practice holding things with two hands, such as learning to hold a feeding bottle or a toy.
  • Parents should let babies practice playing with themselves in the mirror. They will be able to distinguish themselves and their shadow in the mirror.
  • Parents should call babies’ name so that they turn when they are called.

Parents can see how much their babies have changed in just 6 months. Promoting the development of babies according to their ages will help them to improve themselves. It also increases the love and bond between parents and babies, as well.


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