Policy for collection and storage, use, disclosure and management of personal information

DSG International (Thailand) Public Company Limited (hereinafter referred to as 'the Company') is fully aware of the importance of the privacy protection policy. The Company confirms the strict preservation of your personal information to be the best secret. Please read the details of this Privacy Policy and please understand the relevant procedures with respect to your personal information.

1. General information of members

1.1 Direct personal data collection and storage

The Company will collect your personal information when you register to participate in various marketing activities of the Company and consent to the Company to collect, use and disclose personal information. The disclosure of personal information by you to the Company will be very useful for product presentation and various services that meet your needs and interests. Examples of information that will be collected on your own voluntary basis including but not limited to: email, name, birthday and address.

1.2 Terms of Use of Cookies

Cookies are small pieces of information that will be stored in your browser, to collect visit information. When you visit the Company's website again at a later time, the device will instantly recognize that you have ever visited the website before.

Cookies are not programs that enter a user's computer system and destroy files. Cookies are intended to help the Company tokeep track of which pages the user visits starting from which page, ending with which page and how often it is. The Company does not use cookies to determine who the user is. Cookies will be used to identify that this computer had ever visited and viewed the Company's website.

Cookies are not used to collect personal information, such as names, email addresses If you do not want cookies to be placed on your computer, you can instruct the browser to reject cookies.

Benefits of Cookies :

  • Used to collect and store visitor’s information. And collect the information of each member to use in presenting product information, products and services to be consistent with the needs of each member the most.
  • Used to estimate the number of visitors. Each type of browser uses different cookies, allowing us to identify the usage of visitors both as a member and not a member. This information will be useful in presenting advertisements to match the target group by assessing interest, and internet usage behavior
  • Used to check the frequency of use or the form of visits. Cookies make the Company to understand the characteristics and habits of internet users. They also affects the Company's improvement of services, advertising and sales promotion content on the website to be consistent with individual needs.

1.3 Disclosure of information to outsiders who provide services

The Company may use technology called "web beacons" or "pixel tags" together with Cookies to verify whether you have already accessed the information that the Company has offered via website or email. This is to present the product information, goods and services to meet each individual needs as much as possible. In general, you can reduce the ability of web beacons by instructing the browser to reject Cookies.

1.4 Disclosure of information to outsiders who provide services

Please find the details thereof in 3.

2. Purposes of collection and use of personal information

The main purpose of collecting personal information is to provide you with the most suitable service during your visit and use the website services without any charge at all. We sometimes may send an electronic mail to you to inform news, activities, and services. If you are not interested in or do not want to receive such information, you can cancel at any time.

In addition, the Company collects personal information for the following purposes :

  1. Product or service development and use of website by you.
  2. Analyze the effectiveness of advertising media, competition and sales promotion.
  3. Customize website according to the needs Including evaluating website access statistics.
  4. Make the website to be better and more suitable for your interests and needs.
  5. Marketing and communicating with you about the Company's products and services.
  6. Send product information or product samples as requested by you.
  7. Respond to your suggestions and obstacles.
  8. Improve the quality of products and services of the Company, according to the results of market survey .
  9. Recommend products and services that the Company thinks you may be interested./li>
  10. Offer you to participate in competitions and promotions.

3. Disclosure of personal information

The Company shall not disclose your personal information to other persons, except in cases of receipt of permission from you and in special circumstances allowed by law, as follows :

  1. Advertising, marketing, or promotion media agents that help increase and analyze the effectiveness of advertising, marketing, and promotion
  2. Third parties responsible for delivering products or providing services to you, such as shipping products or parcels or trial products as requested by you from the Company.
  3. Law enforcement or government agencies having power to order disclosure of information.
  4. Third parties who provide services, such as data processing services or website analysts like Google Analytics.
  5. According to conditions specified in item 2. Use of personal information.
  6. Check to identify you.
  7. To enforce the terms and conditions of sale and these terms and conditions of the website.
  8. To investigate the possibility of wrongdoing.
  9. To comply with a court order or other legal process within the jurisdiction in which the Company is operated.

4. Websites and services of third parties who provide services

The Company's website, mobile app, and other services of the Company may contain links to third-party’s mobile app, websites and services. If you click the link to the mobile app, website and the service of a third party who provides the service, your personal information may be collected by the third party. In this regard, the Company cannot be held responsible for any third party service providers. The Company recommends that you continue to review the collection and storage, use, disclosure and management of personal information of that service provider.

5. Security and storage of personal information

All collected information will be stored safely and protect your personal information by [the security measures for personal information in accordance with the criteria imposed by the Ministry of Digital Economy and Society]

  • Restrict access to personal information.
  • Provide methods to prevent unauthorized access to computer systems.
  • Manage to destroy your personal information for security purposes when such information is no longer needed for legal and business purposes

The Company will keep your personal information for as long as necessary until you request to delete the personal information provided to the Company, or to comply with a court order or legal process.

6. Right to edit your personal information and to cancel consent to use and disclosure of personal information

You have the right to request access, change and to delete your personal data provided to the Company by "contacting the Company" which details and procedures. You can check the matter from the "Contact the company" specified in this policy for the collection, use, disclosure and management of personal information.

7. Right to amend the terms and conditions.

The Company reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions at any time. In the event of material amendments to the above policy, the amendments will be announced with the date specified on this website. The Company recommends that you review the terms and conditions regularly to be aware of any amendments thereon.

8. Rights of the Company

You acknowledge and agree that the Company has the right to disclose personal information to legal authority, regulatory agency, government agency, tax agency, law enforcement agencies, and other related departments or relevant rights owners, if the Company reasonably believes that the disclosure of your personal information is necessary for the performance of duties, responsibilities, managements and agreements whether voluntarily or involuntarily for the purpose of cooperating with orders, investigations and / or requests of that agencies or departments under the enforcement of relevant laws. You agree that you will not prosecute or take any action against the Company and waive any claims or other rights that may arise from the disclosure of your personal information under the above circumstances.

9. Information that you provide to the Company

In specifying any information on or through the Company's website and / or its affiliates or service provider, you are responsible for the following :

  1. You are the owner of that information.
  2. That information is true and correct.
  3. That information will not cause damage to any individual person or juristic person.
  4. That information is not information obtained through infringement of copyright, trademarks, proprietary rights, or distribution rights and privacy rights.
  5. That information does not violate any provisions of any laws, regulations ororders.
  6. That information must not contain insults, contempts, defamations, hatred or causing religious conflicts or threatens any person.
  7. That information must not refer to the website, email address, contact address or the telephone number of the website or any other person.
  8. If the information is similar to or identifying the name of an individual, you must receive the consent of the individual in order to specify the similarity / name of such person in the information.
  9. That information must not contain computer viruses. Including any programs or files that are undermining and may cause damage.

Contact the Company

You have the right to request access, change and deletion of personal information provided to the Company by contacting DSG International (Thailand) Plc. at telephone number 1800-290-888 or Facebook BabyLove.


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